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Developers: DataTypes

Hex Fiend supports very large files even as a 32-bit program. Therefore, it uses the 64-bit long long and unsigned long long types for most lengths and offsets. Hex Fiend also defines the LongRange type, which is a counterpart to Cocoa's NSRange that has unsigned long long fields:

typedef struct {
	unsigned long long location;
	unsigned long long length;
} LongRange;

This typedef, along with some convenience functions, are defined in HexFiend_Prefix.pch.

Because 64-bit math is generally slower than 32-bit math in a 32-bit application, Hex Fiend awaits the day when Cocoa supports 64-bit applications. Hex Fiend also defines the type BCFloat (BC for Hex Fiend's original moniker, Bit Cruncher), which is typedef'd to float now, but may later become double in anticipation of Cocoa's eventual support for 64 bit.

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