Hello fellow fish fans!

Welcome to the beta site for fish 2.0, a command line shell like bash.

fish 2.0 will delight you with features like autosuggestions and syntax highlighting that just work and don't get in your way. There's nothing new to learn or configure.

For an overview of the features in fishfish, see the main page. For more details see the FAQ and the release notes.

fish is nearing a 2.0 release, with a release candidate planned for early 2013. At that time we will provide packages, binaries, and tarballs. However, if you are interested in trying out fish, the development trunk is very livable.

To build and/or install fish, follow the instructions on the github page.


Here is extensive user documentation.


fish is licensed under the GPLv2.

The fish shell is now hosted on github. That page is the preferred place to formally report bugs.

To clone the git repo:

Build instructions are provided at the bottom of the github page.

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