HFByteArrayEditScript Class Reference

A class that represents an sequence of instructions for editing an HFByteArray. More...

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Public Member Functions

(id) - initWithDifferenceFromSource:toDestination:trackingProgress:
(void) - applyToByteArray:
(NSUInteger) - numberOfInstructions
(struct HFEditInstruction_t- instructionAtIndex:

Detailed Description

HFByteArrayEditScript is useful for representing a diff between two HFByteArrays.

Member Function Documentation

- (id) initWithDifferenceFromSource: (HFByteArray *)  src
toDestination: (HFByteArray *)  dst
trackingProgress: (HFProgressTracker *)  progressTracker 

Computes the edit script (differences) from src to dst. This retains both src and dst, and if they are modified then the receiver will likely no longer function. You may optionally pass an HFProgressTracker for progress reporting and cancellation. This returns nil if it was cancelled.

- (void) applyToByteArray: (HFByteArray *)  byteArray  

Applies the receiver to an HFByteArray.

- (NSUInteger) numberOfInstructions  

Returns the number of instructions.

- (struct HFEditInstruction_t) instructionAtIndex: (NSUInteger)  index  

Returns the instruction at a given index.

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