HFFileByteSlice Class Reference

A subclass of HFByteSlice for working data stored in files. More...

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Public Member Functions

(id) - initWithFile:
(id) - initWithFile:offset:length:

Detailed Description

HFFileByteSlice is a subclass of HFByteSlice that represents a portion of data from a file. The file is specified as an HFFileReference; since the HFFileReference encapsulates the file descriptor, multiple HFFileByteSlices may all reference the same file without risking overrunning the limit on open files.

Member Function Documentation

- (id) initWithFile: (HFFileReference *)  file  

Initialize an HFByteSlice from a file. The receiver represents the entire extent of the file.

- (id) initWithFile: (HFFileReference *)  file
offset: (unsigned long long)  offset
length: (unsigned long long)  length 

Initialize an HFByteSlice from a portion of a file, specified as an offset and length. The sum of the offset and length must not exceed the length of the file. This is the designated initializer.

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