HFIndexSet Class Reference

Hex Fiend's answer to NSIndexSet. It can contain any unsigned long long value.

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Public Member Functions

(id) - init
(id) - initWithValue:
(id) - initWithValuesInRange:
(id) - initWithIndexSet:
(NSUInteger) - numberOfRanges
(HFRange- rangeAtIndex:
(unsigned long long) - countOfValuesInRange:
(unsigned long long) - countOfValues
(void) - verifyIntegrity
(HFRange- rangeContainingValue:
(BOOL) - isEqualToNSIndexSet:

Member Function Documentation

- (id) init  

Initializes the receiver as empty.

- (id) initWithValue: (unsigned long long)  value  

Initializes the receiver with a single index.

- (id) initWithValuesInRange: (HFRange range  

Initializes the receiver with the indexes in a single range.

- (id) initWithIndexSet: (HFIndexSet *)  otherSet  

Initializes the receiver with the indexes in an NSIndexSet.

- (NSUInteger) numberOfRanges  

Returns the number of ranges in the set.

- (HFRange) rangeAtIndex: (NSUInteger)  idx  

Returns the range at a given index.

- (unsigned long long) countOfValuesInRange: (HFRange range  

Returns the number of values in a given range.

- (unsigned long long) countOfValues  

Returns the number of values in the set.

- (void) verifyIntegrity  

- (HFRange) rangeContainingValue: (unsigned long long)  idx  

Returns the range containing the given value. If the index is not present in the set, returns {ULLONG_MAX, ULLONG_MAX}.

- (BOOL) isEqualToNSIndexSet: (NSIndexSet *)  indexSet  

Indicates whether the receiver contains exactly the same indexes as the given NSIndexSet.

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