HFRangeWrapper Class Reference

An object wrapper for the HFRange type. More...

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Public Member Functions

(HFRange- HFRange

Static Public Member Functions

(HFRangeWrapper *) + withRange:
(NSArray *) + withRanges:count:
(void) + getRanges:fromArray:
(NSArray *) + organizeAndMergeRanges:

Detailed Description

A simple class responsible for holding an immutable HFRange as an object. Methods that logically work on multiple HFRanges usually take or return arrays of HFRangeWrappers.

Member Function Documentation

- (HFRange) HFRange  

Returns the HFRange for this HFRangeWrapper.

+ (HFRangeWrapper *) withRange: (HFRange range  

Creates an autoreleased HFRangeWrapper for this HFRange.

+ (NSArray *) withRanges: (const HFRange *)  ranges
count: (NSUInteger)  count 

Creates an NSArray of HFRangeWrappers for this HFRange.

+ (void) getRanges: (HFRange *)  ranges
fromArray: (NSArray *)  array 

Given an NSArray of HFRangeWrappers, get all of the HFRanges into a C array.

+ (NSArray *) organizeAndMergeRanges: (NSArray *)  inputRanges  

Given an array of HFRangeWrappers, returns a "cleaned up" array of equivalent ranges. This new array represents the same indexes, but overlapping ranges will have been merged, and the ranges will be sorted in ascending order.

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