Angband 3.3 (Guest Blogger: Elrond)
October 14th, 2011

Angband 3.3. Best to read this one on the site.-=

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1R,T'j`V j`C7Y~V1 9J9J-= h9GÇ ,T'j`V 5iTj-= e`N d,T'j`V zé,T'j`V 1T+ e`N 7,T'j`V-= t`CiR5\$iE `B 8yE wlR5^8iR 1,T'jiR 2{( t`Û q,T'j`V y1[R z7,T'j`V= q1Y q1Y 2,T'j`V = z7,E`Û 2x^"`Û `V`MiTt,T'j`V v1R'`N= ,T'j`V q,T'j`V multiple terminals t1R,T'j`V e`N d,T'j`V ,T'j`V wjzE'-= rr%t#,T'j`V 16Y16Y 1R d1U @ d,T'j`V qU h`N`M 85^ W `C w,T'j`V= 5w%9 55&z jU17iT,T'j`V 16Uq,T'j`V= ,T'j`V ez[U`Û e7dR j`V`N proportional fonts hqT'`Bh`N e`N d,T'j`V 2jY6Y-= 1T+ e`N 7,T'j`V ww%2{\$,T'j`V 5\$,T'j`V t`C 5,T'j`V ,T'j`V, T'j`V 6Y8`B graphics and sound x,T'j`V w7`VzE h`N 5zR'= hjE¸-= eiEjR¸,T'j`V 5,T'j`V `B 8yE wlR5^8iR 1,T'jiR 2{( t`Û q,T'j`V y1[R z7,T'j`V-= z7Uw#1T,T'j`V 55^ azR' 1T `N1U 2`C ww{^ q2\$`V q1Y eiEjTiT,T'j`V-=

8,T'j`V e`N d,T'j`V t`Û 5,T'j`V-= jE`Bzé,T'j`V 2x^"`Û 5,T'j`V d,T51T t`C7UiT-= riR1w%jUt& 1[E`V 86UO,T'j`V jU17iTiR qiY`M6RO t9D 5,T'j`V Borg screensaver e`N d,T'j`V- 2yEx riR1w%jUt&-= qjR¸1[RiRzé`V 9w#1T1[E t6Yw`B 31E²+ @ d,T'j`V 85\$zR1,T'j`V ,T'j`V 51R,T'j`V ,T'j`V d1T d1T ,T'j`V 16UqiT x\$iR1iE-= 25^,T'j`V 1q[R,T'j`V -= z7z[U-= 25^,T'j`V hqT'`Bh`N= SnowLeopard and Lion iR1 z7,E`Û d~Vk`Û 81eU'= tx#5`C qq[T5%² jU17iT,T'j`V 5`Vzé`V= 5,T'j`V z7z[U 6U5`C xb#81`C zé,T'j`V qq[T5%²-= 1T+ e`N 7,T'j`V 1jR¸,T'j`V 5`Vzé`V= 9,T'j`V 1U= 6Y56EO ,T'j`V= e`N d,T'j`V t9D 5,T'j`V e`N 7,T'j`V= t9D 9t^`V x\2,T'j`V 5,T'j`V= 7,T'j`V-= z~Nj q7UiU z7,E`Û= x,T'j`V d,T'51T q1Y= 2~C9b 2yEx r9FzTjU`C= 2x%5iT't% q1Y=

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