Schrödinger? I hardly know her!
September 8th, 2016

At very small scales, particles are described by wavefunctions that obey the Schrödinger Equation. What do wavefunctions look like?

The Wavefiz is a nifty visualizer that draws them! It's real physics: we're solving the Schrödinger Equation in real time with arbitrary potentials. But it's also just plain fun to play with!

There's some non-mathy exercises to do too. Have you heard of the ground state energy or quantum tunnelling? Those pop right out - you can see them visualized.

The visualizer was built using three.js and TypeScript. You can pitch in here on GitHub. And if you like quantum physics, and are near Silicon Valley, come meetup to learn quantum mechanics with us!

Surf over to the Wavefiz to see it in action!