Angband in WASM
August 24th, 2021

Announcing a port of Angband running entirely in-browser. Angband is a venerable roguelike dungeon-crawler set in the Tolkien universe.

Click here to play it.

There’s no sign-up or other nonsense. Some screenshots:

Angband screenshot 1 Angband screenshot 2

Click on Unleash the Borg and watch it go. Click on Turbo and watch it go faster!

This port compiles Angband to WASM using Emscripten. It uses a new front end not based on SDL or curses, but instead targeting vanilla JS and HTML. The WASM code runs in a web worker, and communicates with the main thread to receive events and issue rendering commands. Text and graphics are drawn via an HTML table element. JS logic is in TypeScript. Savefiles use IndexedDB.

This is the old Angband v3.4.1, specifically to support the automated Angband player, aka the Borg. I hope to port to latest Angband and upstream this as a new front-end.

If you want to get involved, here’s the GitHub repo, it’s easy to get started, really fun, and there’s lots to do!

Onwards to Morgoth!