Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
HFAttributedByteArrayAn extension of HFByteArray that supports attributes
HFBTreeByteArrayThe principal efficient implementation of HFByteArray
HFByteArrayThe principal Model class for HexFiend's MVC architecture
HFByteArray(HFAttributes)HFByteArray methods for attributes of byte arrays
HFByteArray(HFFileWriting)HFByteArray methods for writing to files, and preparing other HFByteArrays for potentially destructive file writes
HFByteArrayEditScriptA class that represents an sequence of instructions for editing an HFByteArray
HFByteRangeAttributeArrayA class that represents sets of attributes, attached to ranges of bytes
HFByteSliceA class representing a source of data for an HFByteArray
HFByteSlice(HFAttributes)Methods for querying attributes of individual byte slices
HFCancelButtonA simple subclass of NSButton that has the correct appearance for cancelling. This is not a generally useful class
HFControllerA central class that acts as the controller layer for HexFiend.framework
HFEditInstruction_tA struct that represents a single instruction in an HFByteArrayEditScript
HFFileByteSliceA subclass of HFByteSlice for working data stored in files
HFFileReferenceA reference to an open file
HFFPRangeA struct used for representing floating point ranges, similar to NSRange. It contains two long doubles
HFFullMemoryByteArrayA naive subclass of HFByteArray suitable mainly for testing. Use HFBTreeByteArray instead
HFFullMemoryByteSliceA simple subclass of HFByteSlice that wraps an NSData. For most uses, prefer HFSharedMemoryByteSlice
HFHexTextRepresenterAn HFRepresenter responsible for showing data in hexadecimal form
HFIndexSetHex Fiend's answer to NSIndexSet. It can contain any unsigned long long value
HFLayoutRepresenterAn HFRepresenter responsible for arranging the views of other HFRepresenters attached to the same HFController
HFLineCountingRepresenterThe HFRepresenter used to show the "line number gutter."
HFMutableIndexSetThe mutable subclass of HFIndexSet
HFPrivilegedFileReferenceA reference to an open file that can be read (and possibly written) using our privileged helper process
HFProcessMemoryByteSliceSome day…
HFProgressTrackerA class that helps handle progress indication and cancellation for long running threaded operations
< HFProgressTrackerDelegate >The delegate methods for the HFProgressTracker class
HFRangeThe 64 bit analog of NSRange, containing a 64 bit location and length
HFRangeWrapperAn object wrapper for the HFRange type
HFRepresenterThe principal view class of Hex Fiend's MVC architecture
HFSharedMemoryByteSliceA subclass of HFByteSlice for working with data stored in memory
HFStatusBarRepresenterThe HFRepresenter for the status bar
HFStringEncodingTextRepresenterAn HFRepresenter responsible for showing data interpreted via an NSStringEncoding
HFTextFieldA high-level view class that is analagous to NSTextField
HFTextRepresenterAn HFRepresenter that draws text (e.g. the hex or ASCII view)
HFTextViewA high-level view class analagous to NSTextView
< HFTextViewDelegate >Delegate methods for HFTextView
HFUnprivilegedFileReferenceA reference to an open file that can be read (and possibly written) using normal C functions
HFVerticalScrollerRepresenterAn HFRepresenter responsible for showing a vertical scroll bar

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