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class  HFRangeWrapper
 An object wrapper for the HFRange type. More...


#define HFZeroRange   (HFRange){0, 0}


BOOL HFStringEncodingIsSupersetOfASCII (NSStringEncoding encoding)
uint8_t HFStringEncodingCharacterLength (NSStringEncoding encoding)
void HFDrawShadow (CGContextRef context, NSRect rect, CGFloat size, NSRectEdge rectEdge, BOOL active, NSRect clip)
void HFRegisterViewForWindowAppearanceChanges (NSView *view, SEL notificationSEL, BOOL appToo)
void HFUnregisterViewForWindowAppearanceChanges (NSView *view, BOOL appToo)
NSString * HFDescribeByteCount (unsigned long long count)
void HFStartTiming (const char *name)
void HFStopTiming (void)

Define Documentation

#define HFZeroRange   (HFRange){0, 0}

Function Documentation

BOOL HFStringEncodingIsSupersetOfASCII ( NSStringEncoding  encoding  ) 

Returns YES if the given string encoding is a superset of ASCII.

uint8_t HFStringEncodingCharacterLength ( NSStringEncoding  encoding  ) 

Returns the "granularity" of an encoding, in bytes. ASCII is 1, UTF-16 is 2, etc. Variable width encodings return the smallest (e.g. Shift-JIS returns 1).

void HFDrawShadow ( CGContextRef  context,
NSRect  rect,
CGFloat  size,
NSRectEdge  rectEdge,
BOOL  active,
NSRect  clip 

Draws a shadow.

void HFRegisterViewForWindowAppearanceChanges ( NSView *  view,
SEL  notificationSEL,
BOOL  appToo 

Registers a view to have the given notificationSEL invoked (taking the NSNotification object) when the window becomes or loses key. If appToo is YES, this also registers with NSApplication for Activate and Deactivate methods.

void HFUnregisterViewForWindowAppearanceChanges ( NSView *  view,
BOOL  appToo 

Unregisters a view to have the given notificationSEL invoked when the window becomes or loses key. If appToo is YES, this also unregisters with NSApplication.

NSString* HFDescribeByteCount ( unsigned long long  count  ) 

Returns a description of the given byte count (e.g. "24 kilobytes")

void HFStartTiming ( const char *  name  ) 

void HFStopTiming ( void   ) 

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