HFLineCountingRepresenter.h File Reference

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class  HFLineCountingRepresenter
 The HFRepresenter used to show the "line number gutter.". More...


enum  HFLineNumberFormat {


NSString *const HFLineCountingRepresenterMinimumViewWidthChanged

Enumeration Type Documentation

HFLineNumberFormat is a simple enum used to determine whether line numbers are in decimal or hexadecimal format.

HFLineNumberFormatDecimal  Decimal line numbers.
HFLineNumberFormatHexadecimal  Hexadecimal line numbers.
HFLineNumberFormatMAXIMUM  One more than the maximum valid line number format, so that line number formats can be cycled through easily.

Variable Documentation

Notification posted when the HFLineCountingRepresenter's width has changed because the number of digits it wants to show has increased or decreased. The object is the HFLineCountingRepresenter; there is no user info.

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