HFLineCountingRepresenter Class Reference

The HFRepresenter used to show the "line number gutter.". More...

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Public Member Functions

(void) - setMinimumDigitCount:
(NSUInteger) - minimumDigitCount
(NSUInteger) - digitCount
(CGFloat) - preferredWidth
(HFLineNumberFormat- lineNumberFormat
(void) - setLineNumberFormat:
(void) - cycleLineNumberFormat
(void) - setInteriorShadowEdge:
(NSInteger) - interiorShadowEdge

Detailed Description

HFLineCountingRepresenter is the HFRepresenter used to show the "line number gutter." HFLineCountingRepresenter makes space for a certain number of digits.

Member Function Documentation

- (void) setMinimumDigitCount: (NSUInteger)  count  

Sets the minimum digit count. The receiver will always ensure it is big enough to display at least the minimum digit count. The default is 2.

- (NSUInteger) minimumDigitCount  

Gets the minimum digit count.

- (NSUInteger) digitCount  

Returns the number of digits we are making space for.

- (CGFloat) preferredWidth  

Returns the current width that the HFRepresenter prefers to be laid out with.

- (HFLineNumberFormat) lineNumberFormat  

Returns the current line number format.

- (void) setLineNumberFormat: (HFLineNumberFormat format  

Sets the current line number format to a new format.

- (void) cycleLineNumberFormat  

Switches to the next line number format. This is called from the view.

- (void) setInteriorShadowEdge: (NSInteger)  interiorShadowEdge  

Sets on which edge (as an NSRectEdge) the view draws an interior shadow. Pass -1 to mean no edge.

- (NSInteger) interiorShadowEdge  

Returns the edge (as an NSRectEdge) on which the view draws a shadow, or -1 if no edge.

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